Investment/Wealth Management


Paladini Financial Management believes in transparent, independent, fee-only advice. The PFM investment solution is based solely on finding the best investment solutions at low costs to our clients, not one that utilizes commissions, soft-dollars, or account churning to increase advisor revenue while detracting from client return.

PFM utilizes an internationally recognized third-party custodian to provide monthly statements and a ‘Best in Class’ portfolio management software to provide performance reporting. The investment recommendations of PFM leverage the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) utilizes proven research methods to identify expected returns for subsections of the capital marketplace and employs that science to extract the returns that efficient markets can provide. By implementing scientific and analytic methods as opposed to highly compensated investment managers, DFA has been able to provide its investors with above benchmark returns at a below-average cost to the investor.

After employing the expertise of these specialized consultants, PFM works directly with you to construct a diversified portfolio that implements the risk and return requirements for your financial plan. PFM will monitor and rebalance this portfolio in accordance with your specific tax and liquidity needs all while considering the macroeconomic environment and how it may change your investment objectives.

For greater detail on how our investment and wealth management services can help you, we invite you to contact us today!