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Paladini Financial does more than stand by your side.
We also watch your back.

Guaranteed Impartiality

Most financial advisory firms are fee-based, as opposed to fee-only, which means their compensation consists of both fees and commissions. Other firms are commission-based, which leads to a product sales-based relationship rather than a true advisory service.

At PFM, we pride ourselves in serving our clients under a fee-for-service relationship. This structure allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients, objectively considering your financial options. We receive no third-party commissions, sales loads or back-end fees, which removes conflicts of interest that could potentially influence an advisor’s recommendations.

Who Are We?

Choosing the right financial advisor is a big decision. You need experience, skill and a genuine commitment to your success.  We offer fee-only financial advisory services for business owners and high net worth individuals, with a specialization in dentistry and healthcare.

Company Philosophy

We offer highly customizable services spanning a complete range of financial planning needs. Our fee-only structure – along with a genuine commitment to client success – is pivotal to our long-lasting client relationships. Clients have confidence in the integrity of PFM recommendations, as they are not biased by commissions, fees, kickbacks or soft-dollar arrangements.

Per the SEC order under Section 206A, issued in the SEC release No 5463 on March 13,  2020 we are notifying you that our Firm intends to delay the ADV Annual Update due to the disruptive effects of the COVID-19 virus.  The disease has led to disruptions to transportation and the imposition of quarantines around the world and specifically in our home office location, which have limited our Firm’s access to facilities, personnel, and third party service providers.

We intend to file the ADV update by May 1, 2020.